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Things To Know

*Boarding is only for prior K9U clients-limited availability

Tune up boarding and traditional boarding can be mixed and matched during the duration of your dog's stay

*Payment due at pick up. Ask as about payment options. Prices subject to change without notice*


 Tune Up Boarding 

Price: $100/night*

While your dog is staying with us at our at home facility, they will also be added in to training rotations to refresh their memory and work on current struggles while also doing na overall tuneup on all listening skills and commands. On top of this, they will also get open yard playtime, walks, and lots of snuggles!

Traditional Boarding

Price: $60/night*

Your dog will stay with us at our home facility while you are away! Your dog will get open yard playtime, walks, and lots of snuggles. We will also work on upkeep for things like place and basic manners ex. kenneling, jumping, counter surfing

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