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Things To Know

The Furington


When you buy a package that includes boarding, your dog will be staying at The Furington located in Jordan, MN. Your boarding cost is paid separately to The Furington (taxes are not included in prices). If you are interested in any doggy daycare or boarding outside of your training program, please go to The Furington site to set up your Ginger Profile and to book your days.

Things to Know

When training or boarding at the facility you will need proof of all up to date vaccinations including:

- Rabies 


- Bordetella 

Things to Bring

If you dog is boarding at The Furington for training, please bring the following:

- Training tools (if picked up before training dates)

- Dog food

- Dog treats (optional) 

- Toys and bedding (optional) 

Training Tools

Prong Collar: $34-$45 (Price depends on dogs size and needs)

E- Collar: $200-$300 (Price depends on dogs size and needs)

* Any training tools purchased with a training package will be the most basic optional available. Additional upgrades may be needed based of your dogs needs. 

* E- Collar starter guides can be purchased through K9U. Contact us now to order the tools you need to help your pup succeed. 

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