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Q: What vaccines does my dog need in order to train with K9U?

A: When training or boarding with K9U, you will need proof of all up to date vaccinations including:

  • Rabies 

  • Distemper 

  • Bordetella 

Q: What should I bring for my dog while they are boarding?

A: When boarding with K9U please bring the following:

  • Training tools (if you have them prior to the start of training)

  • Dog food

  • Dog treats (optional) 

  • Toys/bedding/comfort items (optional) 


Q: What time is drop off when starting a program?

A: Please plan on dropping your dog off by 9 am for day trains and board and trains. Any drop offs earlier or later than this time will need to be approved by K9U staff. 

Q: Can I do a session on the weekend?

A: We are currently only doing sessions Monday through Friday.

Q: What is the difference between day train and board and train?

Q: How does payment work?

Training Tools

Prong Collar: $34-$45 (Price depends on dogs size and needs)

E- Collar: $200-$300 (Price depends on dogs size and needs)

* Any training tools purchased with a training package will be the most basic optional available. Additional upgrades may be needed based of your dogs needs. 

* E- Collar starter guides can be purchased through K9U. Contact us now to order the tools you need to help your pup succeed. 

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