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Going All In

Things To Know

K9U specializes in advanced, low-level, communication-style E-Collar training. Contemporary E-Collar Training utilizes the softest, most gentle remote communication, and is one of the most humane and effective approaches to dog training available. 

Dogs must be 6 months+

*In this program we can address MINOR behaviors like kennel anxiety, food resource guarding, reactivity, fear, nervousness, and anxiousness.* 

These programs can be customized to best fit you and your dog’s needs. We individualize the training to meet each pup where they are at. This might mean that we may not cover everything in a program depending on the abilities of the dog and how fast/slow they learn. The first 10 days training will be used as an evaluation period to determine the main focus during training and what the end goal will be for your dog. This will then be communicated with you during your midway session. Additional days, tools, and training options can and may need to be added depending on owners and dogs needs. Prices shown are the starting point for a basic foundation work. 

*When booking a program a 30% non- refundable payment is due within 48 hours of booking to hold your dates.*

*Prices subject to change without notice*


Going All In 

20 Day Hybrid Program 

(Most Popular Program)

Price: $3,000

This package is a great option for owners who are looking to build an OFF-leash obedience foundation (under high levels of distraction) and to improve their canine-human relationship. Within the framework of this hybrid program, your dog will spend its time between our dedicated in-home facility and your home. Training starts with 10 days at our in home facility followed by a midway session and a weekend at home and finally finishing out with the final 10 days at our in home facility. Having the dogs spend a weekend at home during the course of their training, creates an opportunity for you as the owners to practice and start implementing your dog’s new rules, manners, and boundaries. This allows you to then come back for your final 10 days of training with any questions or specific areas that need some extra attention.

Best for dogs struggling with minor reactivity, anxiety, and fearfulness

Program includes: 

  • Boarding 

  • Training Tools

    • Basic E-collar ($200 value)

    • 16” prong/martingale collar (valued at $35-$55 depending on your dog’s size and needs)

    • 15 Foot Long line ($25 Value)

    • Slip Lead ($15 Value)

  • Manners 

    • Leash Manners- We will eliminate any pulling, barking and excitable behaviors on a walk

    • No Jumping

    • Threshold Manners (Wait at Doors)

  • Kennel Conditioning

  • ON and OFF-Leash Commands

    • Sit/stay, Down/stay, Heel, Place, Come and OUT

  • Structured Group Socialization

  • Advanced Impulse Control Practice with Obedience Mindset (Distance, Duration and Distraction work)

  • 2 Private in Person Sessions

    • Session 1: 90 min 

      • This will be your first session before your dog goes home for their in home practice weekend 

    • Session 2: Pick Up Session  2 Hours

    • Follow Up Session 60 min

  • 3 Virtual Coaching Calls 

    • 30 min virtual calls to be used within 90 days of training 

  • 30 min e-collar consultation before the program begins

  • Detailed Homework with Videos 

  • Personalized Training Schedules for in Home Practice 

  • Lifetime of Training Support

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